About the webinar

Teacher policy is a key factor that influences the quality and effectiveness of teaching and learning, which are essential for achieving Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4) and other related goals. However, many countries in Sub-Saharan Africa face challenges in developing and implementing teacher policy that is aligned with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and responsive to the diverse and evolving needs of learners and societies. This presentation will provide an overview of the main components and dimensions of teacher policy, such as recruitment, training, qualification, motivation, support, and governance. It will also discuss the principles and processes of teacher policy development and implementation, highlighting the importance of stakeholder participation, evidence-based decision making, and context-specific adaptation. Finally, it will showcase some examples of good practices and lessons learned from different countries and regions that have made progress in teacher policy reform and innovation. The presentation aims to inspire and inform policymakers, practitioners, researchers, and other stakeholders who are interested in teacher policy and its implications for SDG4 and beyond.

About the speakers

Dr. Kaleba Walingene Joseph, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor at the National Pedagogical University, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Department of English Literature and Civilisation at Kinshasa, DR Congo. Doctor in English Didactics, Kaleba is an EFL teacher trainer, and English club specialist with a well-established reputation as an expert in the field of English language teaching across Sub-Saharan Africa. He has also attended and spoken at a number of local, regional and international conferences including IATEFL in the UK and TESOL in the USA. He is currently expanding his field of knowledge in education management, educational leadership and policy at East China Normal University.

Dr Kennedy Edegbe is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of English Studies, Benson Idahosa University, Benin City, Nigeria. He holds a BA in English and Literature, a Post Graduate Diploma in Education, an MA and a PhD in Literature respectively.He holds a Certificate in TESOL and has taught English and Literature for over 20 years at the secondary school and College of Education. He has presented papers in local and international conferences and has published articles in local and international journals.He is the National President of the English Language Teachers Association of Nigeria (ELTAN).

Date recorded

Saturday 22 June 2024