About the webinar

Lack of electricity, internet connectivity, and funding present major barriers to integrating certain information and communications technologies (ICT) into classrooms across Sub-Saharan Africa. Yet access to basic technologies can greatly enrich teaching and learning even in low-resource contexts. This webinar outlines simple, uncomplicated ICT solutions that enable more effective pedagogy without prohibitive costs or infrastructure requirements. Emphasizing tools like battery-powered audio players( MP-3s), basic mobile phones, along with other hands-on tools,   the presenter will showcase equipment well-suited to schools where teachers earn less than $100 monthly; have limited electricity, internet availability and large classrooms. The viability and value of such technologies will be exhibited through real-world examples and best practices suitable for the Nigerian context  and neighboring countries. Attendees will leave equipped with practical ideas and resources to incrementally incorporate impactful ICT into their classrooms in cost-effective, sustainable ways that overcome Sub-Saharan Africa's endemic challenges. This webinar illuminates a path toward better teaching and learning for all students regardless of technological and financial constraints. 

About the speaker

Salome Olufunto S Ikokoyo is an accomplished English language arts educator with over a decade of experience teaching at the senior secondary level.  

Currently, Salome teaches full-time and heads the Education unit at a private tertiary institution, overseeing English language programming. Her linguistic abilities include fluency in three international languages, supporting her commitment to multilingual education.

Dedicated to teacher training and development, Salome founded an organisation that empowers educators through professional learning communities and access to resources. She takes an active leadership role in the English Language Teachers Association of Nigeria as the Secretary of her state chapter.

Recognised for her expertise and passion for English language teaching, Salome is also a fellow of the Nigerian Educational Managers and Administrators. She continues to engage with professional groups and associations to advance best practices in the field.

Date recorded:

Saturday 13 January 2024