About the webinar

In this webinar, we will address the need to start teaching climate issues in classes. In fact, education can be a key element to the climate change that the world is facing today. It's well known that if the climate is integrated in the curriculum, students will have a better understanding of the topic and will be able to develop skills to think of ideas to address issues related to the climate. So, teachers need to be able to adapt their teaching so that they can equip the learners with skills for them to think and act to play the important role we expect from them.

For this to happen, teachers who are the main actors of the educational system, need to be aware of the urgent need to insert climate in their classes. This, indeed, will be one of the objectives of this webinar, through which, teachers will find ways to address the climate and take action together with their students.

Besides sample activities will be given for teachers to be ready and to create their own activities and materials suitable for their classes.

About the speaker

Mouhamadou Bamba Diop is an EFL teacher at Charles De Gaulle high school, English Club supervisor and former teacher trainer.

Date recorded:

16 November 2022