About the webinar

This informative session tailored for English teachers in Sub-Saharan Africa focused on how they could make the most of the English Connects offer for 2024-25 to boost their professional development. The webinar aimed to show individual teachers how they could benefit from the resources and opportunities available and encourage them to motivate their colleagues to do the same.

The session started by looking at the English Connects content plan for that year, highlighting the different themes, activities, and resources on offer. Various topics, including managing resources and understanding educational policies, were explored to demonstrate how each part of the global offer could improve teaching and help individuals grow personally and professionally.

The webinar also delved into evergreen themes like gender, inclusion, climate, and assessment, showing participants how to use these themes to create positive change in their classrooms and communities. Through discussions and real-life examples, practical strategies for integrating these themes into teaching and inspiring colleagues were shared.

Additionally, the importance of spreading the word about the global offer to more teachers and how doing so could benefit individuals was discussed. Participants learned how to effectively promote and communicate the global offer to motivate and engage fellow teachers in their own professional development journey.

By the end of the session, participants had a clear understanding of how to use the English Connects offer to take charge of their professional growth and inspire others to do the same.

About the speaker

Steve Diop is the Open Learning Manager for the English Connects programme in Sub-Saharan Africa. With a passion for education and extensive experience in digital marketing, programme design and delivery, Steve is dedicated to supporting teachers in the region to enhance their professional development through innovative learning approaches.

Date recorded:

Saturday 20 April 2024