About the webinar

Learning any second language has always been a challenging and time-consuming task, particularly in the context of schools. Learning English as a second language is not an exception. Learners face a range of challenges which could lead to lack of interest or ineffectiveness. Motivation remains a vital instrument for achieving effective engagement.

Motivating learners in ESL classes however comes with unique set of challenges due to potential language barriers, fear of failure, lack of perceived success and a host of others.

The purpose of this presentation is to shed light on the significance of motivation in ESL classes and recommend practicable strategies for educators to create a motivating learning environment for teaching different skills and various aspects of the language.

To address these challenges, educators can device various strategies. This work highlight strategies such as setting learning goals with learners, making learning fun and creative, relating topics to real life experience/contemporary issues, encouraging peer mentoring, group work, collaboration and giving feedback with empathy, among others.

About the speaker

Aminat Baruwa Ashafa is a goal driven, enthusiastic and resourceful teacher with diverse experience. She earned her BA and MA in English language from Lagos state university, Nigeria. She is also a licensed teacher; she has a Diploma in Education (PDE) from Adeniran Ogusanya College of Education (now Lagos State University of Education) in affiliation with Teachers’ Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN).

Aminat is a teacher with the Ministry of Education, with fifteen years of experience in teaching English language and Literature –in- English to high school students. In her fifteen years of experience as an educator, she has consistently inspired her learners through her abilities in problem solving and motivation.

Date Recorded

Saturday 17 June 2023