About the webinar

What is gender inclusivity and why is it important for all our learners? This interactive workshop hopes to expose participants to the concept of gender inclusivity and the benefits of planning lessons with gender inclusivity in mind. The webinar look at the benefits of being gender inclusive in our classrooms as well as strategies and practical activities that can be used by teachers of English to ensure our classes are inclusive of all.

About the speakers

Dr. Christiana Ijeoma Ajaps is a teacher, teacher-trainer, author, researcher, consultant,  and editor. She lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria and is passionate about Girl-Child Education. She has a keen interest in Inclusive Education for all, irrespective of gender. 

Kalkidan Tilahun is an English language teacher with over six years of teaching experience and currently working in an International Maarif School of Turkish, Ethiopia branch. She is a member of the Ethiopian English Language Professionals Association (EELPA) and is certified in numerous British Council-sponsored workshops and training. 

Mame Couna Diaw is an EFL Teacher and a PhD Researcher on Ecofeminism. She lives and works in Ziguinchor in Senegal, has a keen interest in gender and environmental issues, and is passionate about female writing. 

Faty Amadou Niang is an English language teacher at Sedhiou Balla Moussa Daffe High School. She is a member of the Association of Teachers of English in Senegal (ATES) where she attended several workshops. She has a keen interest in gender and active citizenship.

Reem Alrayah is an English-speaking teacher with 2 years of experience in private language institutes in Khartoum, Sudan. Passionate with a strong interest in gender equality and studies, she is dedicated to promoting and creating an inclusive and empowering learning environment where all students feel valued and respected in the classroom.

Jacqueline Naicker is a Senior English HL educator at Durban Girls' Secondary with over 20 years of experience in language teaching. She holds a BA in Media and Communications with a specialization in Linguistics and Theology.  She is a Secretary  General of the National Association of English Teachers of South Africa. She is passionate about gender issues and inspiring students to empower others with what has been shared with them.

Date recorded:

 Saturday 2 March 2024