About the webinar

The world we live in is a global village and it is imperative we promote a curriculum that helps educators integrate intercultural understanding into teaching at all levels.

This interactive workshop exposes participants to the concept of intercultural understanding and the benefits of planning lessons geared towards offering continuous opportunities for learners to gain an awareness of the skills needed to practice intercultural understanding as they navigate through life as global citizens.

It also looks into the benefits of introducing intercultural understanding in classes and strategies which can be used by teachers of English. To conclude, practical activities that can be used to in class while still meeting up with curriculum standards are introduced.

About the speaker

Rasheedat Sadiq is an experienced teacher and teacher trainer. She is passionate about literacy and teaches English to a wide range of individuals from young learners to adults. Rasheedat is skilled in instructional design, delivery and coaching and enjoys public speaking through storytelling. She loves to learn and share ideas at conferences. She has authored a children’s book and a public speaking workbook and is an aspiring English Language materials writer. She runs a mobile library in and around Abuja city the capital of Nigeria. Her interest in intercultural understanding comes from personal experience of being exposed to a variety of cultures and languages and seeing the challenges that the lack of understanding can create.

Date recorded:

 Saturday 17 February 2024