24 Jan 2020


This workshop considers how teachers telling stories from their students’ heritage cultures can lead to students themselves sharing stories in and outside school. 

It looks at the concept of learner autonomy and about storytelling as an appropriate tool to implement this concept. It uses the example of a project Alla Göksu has initiated at IGS Kronsberg, a secondary school with a culturally diverse student population in Hannover, Germany. 

The webinar also discusses the impact storytelling can have on school students from diverse cultural and social backgrounds, with different abilities and dispositions towards learning. It discovers how storytelling can initiate a self-determined learning process among these students and develop their skills as autonomous learners.


David Heathfield is the author of Storytelling With Our Students: Techniques for Telling Tales from Around the World and Spontaneous Speaking: Drama Activities for Confidence and Fluency, both published by DELTA Publishing. He is a freelance storyteller, teacher and teacher trainer, and a member of The Creativity Group.

Alla Göksu is a member of the school leadership team at a comprehensive school in Lower Saxony, Germany. She enjoys teaching students from diverse cultural heritages and with different dispositions towards learning. She is an expert in learner autonomy and has been a speaker at IATEFL and Nordic conferences.

Webinar recording here