About the webinar

Taking into account the physiological and psychological uniqueness of every child against the uniformity of curriculum objectives, curriculum implementors must tailor every lesson such that no child, regardless of their orientations towards learning, particular differences (for the children with special education needs) and learning ability, is left out.

The webinar focused on:

  • The importance of an inclusive education.
  • strategies for inclusion
  • particucular features of  'Gen Z'

The webinar is aimed at promoting inclusiveness in all aspects of the school's operations such that every child makes progress.

About the speaker

Sarah Adebanjo, (B.A English Education, M.A  Literature, PhD Literature in view : University of Lagos, Nigeria) is an educator, a counsellor and a school systems strategist. She has worked with children, teachers and parents over the last 18 years at international schools of repute in Lagos, Nigeria. She is passionate about inclusion, safeguarding and child protection. Sarah is a trainer and a speaker who is much sought after for in-depth research and up-to-date information on matters relating to curriculum implementation, safe guardian and child protection. She currently works as a school coordinator at Grenville schools, Lagos Nigeria.

Date recorded:

Saturday 16 December 2023