About the webinar

In different areas around the world, school districts are struggling to find enough money to spend on resources in their schools. Areas with high poverty rates are typically the areas where the schools are struggling the most. The schools in high poverty areas are scrambling to find resources. The lack of resources affects the students in different ways. It means they do not get the most out of their education. They learn parts of topics and lessons, but they may not get the full picture they deserve.

This session focuses on making engaging lessons in areas where the usual resources are scarce and or non-existent. Moving from the presenter's experience, it practically shows some useful and appropriate materials/resources to be created to fit the various language skills and render learning engaging, captivating and participatory.

About the speaker

Robert Kenfack is a secondary school teacher of English and French in Yaoundé, and a teacher trainer for student-teachers on practicum. Alumnus of the Fulbright TEA at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, he is also a master trainer for the British Council English Connects for Sub-Saharan Africa and a consultant with UNESCO MGIEP who virtually trains teachers from Cameroon and around the world on the online course “The Digital Teacher”. He has facilitated virtual sessions on distance learning for a number of organisations including the US Embassy in Cameroon, the British Council and Teacher Associations. Robert is a past president of his school Staff Socials and he believes that technology is a highly valuable resource with great potential impact in today’s teaching and learning.    Robert is also a "Master Trainer/consultant with the UNESCO MGIEP( Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development) and virtually facilitates their online courses entitled 'The Digital Teacher and Social Emotional Learning for Teachers'.

Date recorded:

25 January 2023