About the webinar

Learners bring their own unique backgrounds, skill sets, and educational needs to every learning environment, as a result, no two students learn in the same way.

Learner-centered classrooms require teachers who appreciate and understand the role these factors play in creating engaging learning experiences so as to avoid learning gaps and boost the morale of students.

How can we seek to understand the needs of learners and tailor lessons appropriately to suit these needs?

This session focused on identifying students’ preferred learning modes, nurturing various forms of intelligences in students, areas to provide feedback about students, facilitation strategies to embrace diverse learners, and ways to cultivate positive interactions in the classroom.

Recorded on 10 September 2022.

About the speaker

Kemi Ogunsanya is an award-winning Educator and has taught across both primary and secondary levels. In her current role, she serves as a Literacy Educator working with Key Stage 2 Students and her school’s Pastoral Coordinator. She has a first degree in English Education and a master’s degree in Educational Administration. She is the Project Manager at TeacherX, a platform built to introduce educators to critical 21st century skills, and also a creator of learning resources for children.  

Kemi is both a columnist and an editor with articles published in leading newspapers and magazines in Nigeria. She has facilitated numerous training and development sessions for educational institutions and organisations within and outside Nigeria.