About the webinar

The objectives of this presentation are:

  • to present a teaching and learning framework that delivers the basis for the effective attainment and mediation of intercultural communication skills in the modern language classroom;
  • to balance the theory with practical instances of teaching methodology, materials, and activities.

The framework will present theories of learning from the fields of intercultural education, intercultural communication studies, and educational psychology.

About the speaker

Yoseph Feleke Sahle is a versatile educator with nearly two decades of experience currently pursuing a PhD in English Language Teaching at Addis Ababa University (AAU) and an MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at AAU's College of Commerce. As a dedicated instructor at a prestigious governmental university and President of the Ethiopian English Language Professionals' Association (EELPA), Yoseph is known for his dynamic teaching methods and technology integration. Beyond teaching, he's a skilled analyst, media figure, and holds various roles such as editor, reporter, news anchor, and entrepreneur. Yoseph also serves as a Part-time Lecturer at AAU, delivering courses and leading initiatives at EELPA, contributing significantly to education, analysis, and leadership in Ethiopia.

Date recorded:

 Saturday 10 February 2024