About the webinar

Warmers, Fillers, and Coolers are types of short activities that can be added to our lesson plans and applied in language classrooms to help arouse interest among the learners and make the language classroom engaging and enjoyable. The session will introduce and discuss the features of all three and participants will have chances to contribute their ideas and experiences in relation to the activities, as well as ask questions.

About the speaker

Alemayehu is a full-time English teacher. He has been in the teaching profession for almost a decade. He has a wide range of teaching English from KG to college levels. Currently, He is teaching English to secondary grades learners.  Alemayehu has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Education from Addis Ababa University and a Master of Science Degree in Rural Development and Natural Resources Management from the Swedish University of  Agricultural Sciences (SLU). Currently, he is pursuing his second Master's Degree in English Literature at Kotebe University of Education. Alemayehu is passionate about professional development practices including taking on job training, MOOCS, and being involved in professional platforms and networks. He is an active board member of the Ethiopian English Language Professionals' Association (EELPA). He also participated and presented in many English language conferences and workshops.

Date recorded:

Saturday 16 September 2023