About the webinar

The webinar started by presenting the various aspects of English that are taught in schools, the various types of learners and the games and other activities that would help these learners understand and retain what they have been taught in their English classes. It also presented some of the reasons why games and activities might be useful tools in a teacher’s toolkit.

English language teaching requires a lot of effort by teachers in communities where English is a second or foreign language. Haynes (2011) argues that recognition of the diversity of learners’ preferences in our teaching practice is an important consideration when we design lessons. Different teaching games and activities may be integrated in teaching to satisfy the learning needs of all the students and produce better learning outcomes. This presentation will argue that teaching English using games and activities can assist students to assimilate the topic faster and retain it for a longer duration.

The webinar is suitable for all teachers of English at all levels to be able to disseminate their lessons simply and interestingly going by Albert Einstein's idea that, “If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.” The webinar would be particularly useful for teachers in low technology-based schools.

About the speaker:

Adebola Karamah Shogbuyi holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in English. She is a professionally qualified and certified English teacher with a Post Graduate Diploma in Education. At the moment, she is an English language doctoral candidate at Lagos State University. 

As a teacher, Karamah has taught thousands of successful students at both secondary and tertiary levels the English language, trained hundreds of teachers on the different aspects of English pedagogy and groomed several award winners for various competitions that are English language based.

Date Recorded:

12 March 2023