About the webinar

The English Connects 'Creating Gender Pedagogy Resources for Teachers' project started in November 2022 to support and mentor English teachers in Sub-Saharan to learn to recognise the different kinds of gender bias and stereotypes which exist in language education. A cohort of teachers from Ethiopia, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa and Sudan worked collaboratively to create gender-sensitive materials for other teachers to use. They also created a set of 20 activities to practise speaking, listening, reading, writing, vocabulary and pronunciation which are gender-sensitive and support girls learning.

In this webinar, six participants from the project showcase the work they carried out and explain the focus of their project. 

About the speakers

Name Country Biography Presentation overview
Ousmane Diallo Senegal Ousmane Diallo is a school Principal in Senegal. He is always interested in expanding his knowledge and that of his colleagues about gender issues.    This presentation will focus on a number of gender responsive education practices including sharing common errors and good practices in using gender responsive language in the classroom. The presentation will also explore how women are depicted in education textbooks in Senegal  and explore a criteria for analysing the gender responsiveness of illustrations in textbooks. 
Dagnachew Adefris Ethiopia Dagnachew Adefris holds a PhD, MA, and BA in English Literature. Dagnachew currently works as a lecturer in the Department of English Language, Woldia University, Ethiopia. He has eight years’ teaching experience as English language and literature teacher. His specialist interests include English language skills, gender pedagogy and literature. This presentation will focus on the speakers practical examples of improving gender representation in English teaching materials in Woldia University, Ethiopia. The speaker will share her own experiences in creating gender responsive awareness with English teachers to use more inclusive materials, review their materials for portraying positive images of girls and women, removing sexist language and other adaptions.
Abasiakan Affiong Ikpe Nigeria Abasiakan Affiong Ikpe is a Teacher Educator from Nigeria.  This presentation will focus on Gender representation in teaching materials and how implicit messages can be conveyed to learners about attitudes towards cultural appropriate gender roles for women and men The gender insensitivity found in most teaching materials in Nigeria. The presenter will discuss how these teaching materials show gender inequality and perpetuate gender bias in the context of cultural norms in the Nigeria context
Hatim Sami Mahmoud Bioumi Sudan Hatim Sami Mahmoud Bioumi is a teacher trainer/ facilitator/material development writer. He has worked for the Ministry of Education for more than 19 as a teacher of English language and a teacher trainer as well as for the British Council for more than 12 years.  He has participated in different programmes and projects as EfT I/2, active citizen & social enterprises, 21century core skills, SMILE Curriculum, inclusive pedagogy and has joined on line programmes about Gender Equity and Equality and girls Education. This presentation will explore the English language syllabus (SPINE) in Sudan that can be used as a lead in activity to support the importance of Gender Education. Exploring the concepts of Gender Equity and Equality according to education opportunities in Sudan, the presentation will focus on the role of females in our families and the stereotypes and unconscious bias of teaching materials.
Babacar Gueye Diouf Senegal Babacar Gueye Diouf holds a Masters Degree from Cheikh Anta Diop University and completed Teachers' Training. He is passionate about attending and leading trainings and sharing experiences but also basketball. This presentation will focus on understanding gender stereotypes in junior high school in the Senegalese context. Exploring how listening, writing, speaking and reading activities can raise teachers, students, parents and all stakeholders' awareness and enhance their involvement bringing also their solutions to improve our daily interactions with the world.
Susanna Knoetze South Africa Susanna Knoetze is a part-time lecturer in the Department of Primary and Early Childhood Education at Rhodes University in South Africa. Her teaching commitments are primarily in the field of First Additional Language teaching, Professional Studies and Teacher Education. Susanna holds a Masters degree in Education. Her areas of interest include Second Language Acquisition and Online Teaching Methodologies. This presentation will focus on the recent active debates on gender issue in South African schools from gender neutral language to academic result disparities and the introduction of new programmes. The experiences of the staff as well as the learners, especially the girls in these new programmes will be the highlighted in this presentation.

Date recorded:

4 March 2023