About the webinar

Contentment and joy are some factors which promotes stability and enables anyone enjoy what they do irrespective of the profession. However due to the different challenges faced by teachers mental stability and job satisfaction is becoming a rare gem. That explains why in an academic environment every aspect is sought to be improved especially the teaching and learning conditions of the students so that teachers may be satisfied and find stability. Attention is mostly cantered on the mental stability of the students forgetting to explore the fact that teachers are also a factor to consider. This webinar has as an objective to help teachers identify with other teachers the common challenges which affects the wellbeing of teachers and seek ways to deal with them so that they do not feel discouraged. In order to achieve this main points such as:   who teachers are especially their role in the educational system, we will also look at what the wellbeing of a teacher is as well as how this is being overlooked. This will be explored by asking teachers what their challenges are while carrying out teaching which could cause them some instability in their wellbeing. While looking at these challenges we will come up with some proposed solutions to these problems. 

About the speaker

Nkumbe Epole Sandrine have been teaching English language for more than 9 years. She has been teaching English language to English and French learners for 4 years at Lycee General Leclerc Yaounde. Sandrine has participated in many webinars and also presented at some international conferences such as the West Africa TESOL conference 2022. Sandrine is part of many associations such as: Cameroon English language Teachers Association (CAMELTA), English Connects and a host of others. Actively participating in these platforms has helped her improve in her Profession as a Teacher.

Date recorded:

10 December 2022