The learners develop and practise:

  • Phonemic awareness and phonics knowledge

    − Letter-sound relationships

    − Short vowels

    − Group 3 phonemes g, o, u, l, b

  • Blending and segmenting with CVC and CVCC words
  • Handwriting and letter-formation skills
  • Decoding and spelling skills
  • Making rhyming words and word families with short vowels and consonant blends
  • Making and reading sentences using sight words and decodable words (blending and segmenting)


  • Chant: Do they rhyme? (pdf to project via data projector)
  • Phonics cards with pictures
  • Letter cards
  • Flash cards (recycled cardboard)
  • Real objects (realia)
  • Audio recordings – chants and phonics cards
  • Photocopy of Phonemic Awareness and Phonics 3 Activity 1
  • Stationery

The materials can be downloaded below.

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