Author: Adrian Tennant | Uploaded on 1 June 2022


Question: Why is it important to think about adapting activities?

Answer: To make sure the activities are suitable for our learners. 

The materials we use in the classroom can come from many different sources. This can include coursebooks, internet worksheets, or materials we created for other classes. It’s important that we adapt materials so they are suitable in terms of:

  • Time: Are they too long, too short or just right?
  • Equipment: Do you have what you need (e.g. CD/DVD player)?
  • Curriculum fit: Do they relate to what else the class has been learning?   
  • Content: Is it culturally appropriate?
  • Language level: Are they too high, too low or just right?  

When we adapt an activity we can:


Make small changes to make the materials more effective


Include something else to improve the learning outcomes

Remove / Replace

Take something out completely or replace it with a new activity


Try it out and evaluate the results - does it work better?


What other reasons can you think of for adapting materials?


Curriculum: the subjects comprising a course of study in a school or college. 

Culturally appropriate: having cultural sensitivity relative to specific ethnic groups

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