Question: Why is a lesson plan useful? 

Answer: A good lesson plan can give you (the teacher) a guide to follow to help you achieve your aims.  

Writing a lesson plan is useful because it: 

  • makes you think about what you’re going to teach 
  • provides you with a guide to follow 
  • can be used as a record (and reused in the future) 
  • helps if another teacher has to teach your class because you can’t.  

A lesson plan can include many things. Probably the most useful are: 

  • lesson and activity aims 
  • types of interactions 
  • instructions 
  • resources/materials.  

A lesson plan needs to be clear and not too complex as you will be actively using it when teaching. If you feel more comfortable writing the lesson plan in your own language (rather than English), you should do this.  

After the lesson, store your plan as a record or so you can use it again. 

Do you plan your lessons at the moment? Why/why not? What will you do differently in the future? Why?


Interactions: The communication patterns in the classroom. For example, the teacher talking to all students, one learner speaking to another learner, groups of learners speaking together. 

Resources: Anything that can be used in a classroom to provide learning material. This can include books, stories, music, pictures and even the teacher and learners themselves.

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