Author: Deb Bullock | Published on 2 January 2023


Question: Why do my learners say grammar is boring?

Answer: It doesn’t seem relevant to their lives or what they’re interested in.


Try relating grammar to your learners’ world. Doing this will deepen their learning. An example is given below.

1. Give model sentences about yourself, or your friends and family.

Bring in a family photo and show your learners. Describe the people – e.g. say who is the tallest, the youngest, the funniest, the most beautiful, etc. 

2. Elicit the target language and write on the board.

Get the learners to repeat what you just said, and write it on the board. 

3. Highlight the grammar.

Underline the superlative adjectives e.g. the youngest. Ask learners to come to the board and underline other examples. 

4. Learners use the grammar. 

Learners use their own photos or draw a picture to prepare sentences about their families. They then describe their families in pairs or groups. 

You can personalise any grammar so it is relevant and interesting to your learners! 

Which grammar will you introduce and practise using personalisation? 

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