About this webinar

In this webinar, you'll learn how to understand and address the challenges teachers face in diverse settings, fostering empathy and a drive to bridge the resource gap. You'll discover techniques for creating impactful learning experiences with minimal or no Internet access, using low-tech mobile phones and radio shows. Explore real-world examples that demonstrate how creativity can overcome resource limitations in classrooms. Gain practical recommendations and actionable steps, along with a toolbox of low-tech solutions, to enhance your teaching methods. You'll also learn strategies for developing additional materials and mastering communicative language skills with low-tech approaches.

About the speaker

Words aren't just letters for Nnenne; they are bridges. With an English degree in her pocket, she built a bridge at Slum2school, mentoring students from disadvantaged communities. Amidst limited resources, she witnessed the transformative power of education, igniting a passion to make learning accessible for all.

Nnenne earned a post graduate degree in education and delved deeper into human mind with a master's in psychology.

Witnessing technology limitations in her home country fuels her passion to find innovative solutions to education, even where screens dim and Internet falters.

Now a grad student at Missouri State University, she's building bridges of knowledge, rewriting the narrative of education, one step at a time.

Date recorded

Saturday 18 May 2024